Happy new year to the world’s most supportive peers, partners, colleagues, the mental health fraternity and all well-wishers. We are happy to have enjoyed the past year with you and may this year bring more joy and success to your lives.

For the year we have put behind, here at Peer Nation we have managed to kick start the Western Uganda Mental Health Service Improvement project (WUMH) in partnership with Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), East London NHS foundation Trust, London, UK (ELFT) and Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.

The WUMH project in the year 2021 commenced in October and aims to strengthen the mental health care system in Uganda for refugee and host communities in West Nile province and South western Uganda. The WUMH project started with a refresher training of PSWs trainer of trainers which was successfully completed in November, concurrently PSWs identification and recruitment among beneficiaries took place. The PSW trainer of trainers’ insight and experiences in the field of mental health was recorded on videos and stored for sharing with the identified PSWs and stake holders of the project.

As we ushered in the new year 2022, on 10th of January PSWs training in Arua and Mbarara begun and went on for a duration of three weeks. After the training, peer support work in refugee and host communities is to be activated and also online supervision and training platform is to be developed. PSWs support groups are to be created to share experiences, insights, advise and way forward to improve outcome.

WUMH service improvement project will increase the number of clinical staff in mental illness, neurological illness and substance abuse (MNS) among the target groups. It is also a pilot project to reinforce the mental health care system with PSWs in the communities. Specialists Mental health (MH) units will be more knowledgeable and confident about supporting the community based PSW approach in mental health care.

We are grateful and appreciative for acquisition of laptops, projectors and screens from THET, this really improved the quality of our filming. We extend further our appreciation to OSF-Africa formerly OSIEA for the office furniture in addition to the grant that enabled us setup an office.  Thanks and happy new Year!!!!!