Community Awareness

To improve level of community awareness and understanding of issues affecting people with mental health Challenges.

Confidence of Service Users

To increase knowledge and confidence of service users in promoting recovery using lived experiences.

Bridge the Gap

To bridge the gap between service users and mental health professionals through co-oproduction

Income generation empowerment

To empowering service users with skills of livelihood and income generation so as to promote their independence and eventual autonomy.

Research and Development

To collaborate in continued research and development in mental health particularly service user involvement and peer support working

Stakeholders and strategic partners

To collaborate with key stakeholders and strategic partners within national, regional and global spheres on matters of mental health recovery and income generation

Family reintegration and community engagement

To foster service user family reintegration and community engagement after discharge from Hospital.

Platform for recreation and social interaction

To create avenues and a platform for recreation and social interaction amongst fellow service users and the general populace so as to realise and enjoy recovery

Mobilize Resources

To mobilize resources through income generating activities, fundraising and seeking donations to enable Peer Nation Limited achieve the above stated objectives.