A tender antihero drama about mental health and young love which reminds us that even the heroes in our lives may need us in unexpected of situations. it is a story of Theodore Finch and Violet Marckey. Theodore Finch character brought to life by Justice smith who is a philosophical young adult and at face value larger than life. He becomes an inspiration in Violet Marckey’s (Elle Fanning) life who both first meet in grotesque of situations where she was found on the bridge contemplating suicide. It’s touching yet dramatically powerful in a sense that it defies the conventional boy meets girl love story sequences.

Viola is both timid and withdrawn. When she reluctantly pairs up with Finch on a school project. This becomes an opportunity for Finch to explore with her the small pleasures of life showing her how we grow oblivious to the beauties surrounding us as routines embed our psyche.

Both help each other face the scars of their past but it seems over weighing on Finch’s side than one could ever imagine. He had an intelligent articulation, and gaiety exudes from him. But was all of this a bravado and bluff from him or he was overwhelmed by his unlabelled mental health condition as he would say. At last, they discover that even the smallest places and moments can mean something. Live life at full brightness.

Showing soon at the National theatre; A collaboration of Butabika-East London Link, Peer Nation, Uganda Film Club and Uganda National Cultural Centre.