The role of Peer Support Worker

Peer Support Workers are key to the work we do. They are trained to support their peers in working towards their recovery. It can be a hard job but one which is very rewarding and can help in supporting your own mental health. PSWs will: –

  • Share their own experiences which may be difficult at times
  • Work with peers to develop goals and plans for the future
  • Develop relationships with the peer and their family and wider community so that support networks can be developed to aid recovery

Together for Mental Health


Peer Nation is here to help. With your support, we can continue fighting for higher-quality, culturally competent care for people living with mental health conditions.

Peer Nation is needs you! Please join us in any of these roles to help others; become our mental health service user, career, mental health professional; you are are welcome

Peer Support Work (PSW) Training Manuals in English with translated versions in Kinyarwanda, Juba Arabic, Lugbara, Runyankore-Rukiga, Swahili