Community based support for holistic recovery

Generating income to support autonomy

Developing strong role models for service users

We believe in empowering service users to promote their independence & autonomy

Ugandans experience mental health difficulties
get no help from services

We want to create a lasting platform for recovery

We recognise that mental health recovery, family reintegration, and community engagement can be difficult goals. We work towards co-produced objectives to help individuals develop income generation skills, enjoy recreation opportunities in a safe space, and to realise a lasting recovery which meets their own goals in life.



Social interaction

Social interaction



We run activities that address local need, national policy, and international development

There is often a gap between service users and mental health professionals. We work to bridge this by supporting co-production in everything we do and helping others to aspire to and achieve the same.

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    We collaborate with key stakeholders in the national, regional and global spheres on matters of mental health recovery and income generation

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    We work locally and globally to promote good mental health!

    Unique approaches to complex problems for individuals and communities...

    Unique approaches to complex problems for individuals and communities...

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